Sunday, December 28, 2014

Top 5 SSD Myths for 2015

Top 5 SSD Myths for 2015!

1) NAND prices are dropping and SSDs will be cheaper per GB than HDDs soon.
REALITY: NAND prices are dropping. HDD prices are dropping. SSDs are still 5-7x more expensive per GB.... and the gap really isn't closing very fast. Cost crossover: 2023 at the earliest... or  never

2) SSDs have instant on capability
REALITY: SSDs do boot faster. 50% faster to be exact. But it still takes significant time from power off. Are most consumers willing to pay 5x the price for 23 seconds of time per day? Try sleep mode... still not instant on but < 10 seconds with SSD

3) SSDs with 80,000 IOPS require half the time/are twice as fast as SSDs with 40,000 IOPS.
REALITY: In enterprise/Datacenter applications, this can approach reality. In consumer SSDs, few people will notice the difference between a slow SSD and a fast SSD. Real world application times will show you that the difference between these SSDs is small. Boot times

4) NAND wearout is a problem for SSDs. 
REALITY: The data that NAND people have known forever is finally coming out. NAND doesn't crash after 3000 cycles. SSDs dont crash after 200TB written. The specs are set to worst case at <.1% fail rate. You are more likely to throw away your laptop than you are to see the SSD fail. Yes it requires controller tricks, ECC, overprovisioning, etc ... but cheap SSDs and TLC SSDs are surviving just fine... and the performance is great (see #3)

5) HDDs are dead
REALITY: HDDs are doing just fine. Plus they have options to increase density, reduce cost, and increase performance. SSDs are absolutely the correct choice when top performance is required. But two top specs for consumers buying PCs are: A. Price, B. Storage amount. HDDs will survive even as SSDs grow.