Friday, January 26, 2018

How much will Persistent Memory Options Cost in 2019?

I recently attended the Persistent Memory Summit 2018. 

It was an outstanding conference and I was able to learn a lot on what some options for persistent memory configurations will be in 2019 and beyond. Spoiler Alert: Optane DIMMS are involved in both cheapest and most expensive options

 I converted it to customer cost for Storage/Memory components in the system for some typical options including a medium SSD and big HDD

If you disagree, please tell me the correct answer (hint: Facebook, Intel, Dreamworks... my email is below). 

I have specifics on why these options are probable, what the actual speeds are, and the costs for each components. Contact us for more info and system requirements estimates

Background Assumptions
  • DRAM is fastest, Optane is somewhat slower  but good enough. DRAM acts as cache for Optane DIMMS (Optane requires DRAM, it doesn't replace DRAM)
  • NVDIMM-N is DRAM speed... and DRAM density ... and more expensive than DRAM. But Persistent!
  • You still need to store stuff and HDD is about 50x cheaper than Optane, 10x cheaper than SSD
The Hypothetical Costs to a end user for some typical options

  • If you want TONS of addressable memory, Optane DIMMS might be the answer
  • If you want speed and persistence, NVDIMM-N might be the answer
  • If you want max speed and not persistence DRAM only might be the answer
  • If you are cheap: 64GB of DRAM plus an off brand SSD from Craigslist will do the trick
Just an opinion!

Mark Webb

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  1. Mark, thanks for your time in attending the SNIA Persistent Memory Summit, and for this informative article.