Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Relative Cost and Price for Optane and other Memory

Jan 2019 UPDATED: What are the relative costs for the memory types in new SSDs and DIMMs? We have the estimates below!

This was shown about a year ago and is still a good representation of what is going on. All of the costs are lower (we publish a monthly report with details).... but the summary is still true.

  • 3D XPoint is lower cost than DRAM today and is selling for half the price of DRAM or less in DIMMs and SSDs (volumes are low and yes Intel loses money on this). 
  • 3D XPoint will decrease in cost with ramp and maturity. It is not fully ramped yet as demand is not there yet. Also 2nd Gen will be 30% cheaper.
  • Optane DIMMs are now known to have a controller and DRAM on each DIMM so the DIMM has some additional cost compared to DRAM. Plus they are overprovisioned more than DRAM DIMMS
  • Fast NAND (Low Latency NAND) is still much cheaper and is useful in Fast SSDs and NVDIMM-P applications. We expect Low latency NAND from Samsung, Toshiba, WDC, and Hynix in 2019  (YMTC someday ... and yes we have data on when someday is)

Actual values, assumptions, prices and how these will change over the next two years is available as well

We will be at persistent memory summit if you want to discuss details more. Text us to chat.


Mark Webb

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